Last Updated: 6-17-2012
Created Whole Natural Foods:
"Creating the Best Tasting, All-Natural,
Completely 100% Whole Wheat Tortilla."
Created Whole tortillas are made with no preservatives, lard, enhancers, fillers or chemicals.  Our company has developed a proprietary manufacturing process that preserves over 99% of the flavor, nutrition and fiber that is normally destroyed in traditional tortilla processing.  We use a unique wheat that is particularly adapted for tortilla production that creates the softest completely 100% whole wheat tortilla you will find anywhere.  This unique combination of  exclusive ingredients and proprietary manufacturing process makes the softest, best tasting and most nutritious commercially made tortilla available anywhere.
What our customers say:

"Your tortillas are not "A+" they are "A++".  David S., CA

"They were by far the best tortillas we've ever tasted!! (Our daughter) skipped the blueberry pancakes, and ate only the tortillas!  Rock on!"  Steve M., CA

"These are REALLY good!  I cannot believe how soft they are for a whole wheat tortilla.  It is unbelievable!"  Karen, CA

"I like them because they don't stick together like so many tortillas do."  Janice B., CA

"We are really excited about this product,  I think you really have something here.”  Store manager, CA

"They are better than any homemade tortilla that I have ever tasted.  All my family wants these tortillas."  Estella R., CA

  • Best “eat it straight” taste winner!
  • Healthiest tortilla on the market!
  • Soft exceptional flavor!
  • Just four simple ingredients!
  • No Preservatives!
  • No Lard, No Cholesterol!
  • No GMO!
  • 100% Whole Wheat!
  • Rich in Protein, Fiber & Nutrition!